Honey, Check It!

Y'all! My first book released on June 4, 2024. Woo hoo!

I can't wait to share with you some of the greatest treasures and trials of my life. Honey, Check It!, serves as a vision check-up that will lead us to gain a better outlook on beholding life through lenses of Biblical truth, love, hope, and worth. I'm willing to bet that you, too, experience both good and not-so-good moments each day. You are not alone!

We can't plan our circumstances, but we can plan our perspective on how we live through those circumstances. With gut-level vulnerability and boundless cheering, Honey, Check It! lives to lock arms with anyone who has experienced any happy and hard times in this life (that's all of us, friends).

Will you join me on this journey of shifting perspective?

L.Y. White

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“You are about to experience a life change.”—BOB GOFF, AUTHOR OF FOUR

“My good friend Lauren has written a book which invites you into the chaos, not to see the vacuum it creates, but the joy it can become filled with. You are about to experience a life change. Buckle up, settle in, and prepare to experience Lauren’s unique bedside manner in these pages.”

— Bob Goff, Chief Balloon Inflator and author of four New York Times best-selling books

“Lauren White is the friend you wish lived next door. The friend you can trust to be honest but kind, sassy but generous, willing to stand with you both through nights that weigh heavy with grief and on the ones that are clear and studded with stars and possibility. I loved this book.”

—Kimberly Stuart, author of Star for Jesus (And Other Jobs I Quit)

“Reading Lauren’s book, Honey, Check It!, felt like having coffee every morning with a wise and Godly friend. For a new perspective of our ‘everywhere God’, look no further than Honey, Check It! It’s the perfect mix of humor, vulnerability, and truth.”

— Shelley Breen, Point of Grace

“This book is a beautiful encouragement for all of us, a reminder to refocus our lens of life. It helps us shift our perspective to see God with us—in all parts of our stories . . . the good, the hard, and the in-between.”

— Meshali Mitchell, acclaimed photographer, visual storyteller, faith-based speaker, and podcaster

“Life can be brutal, and the Bible can be confusing, but Honey, Check It! has a masterful, yet irresistible way of applying God’s truths in the seasons of ‘Why?’ Bless yourself and everyone around you by taking in all that this gem has to offer!”

— Dr. T. Kale Gober, Vice President of Advancement, Grand Canyon University

Honey, Check It! is a resource I will share with clients who are walking through grief and loss. Filled with stories from her own life and wisdom she’s learned along the way, Lauren provides us with practical steps to broaden our perspective of God’s presence during difficult seasons of life.”

— Aamie Mason, Living Well Professional Counseling, LPC

“At the completion of each chapter, whether painful or joyful, Lauren always puts the focus on the perfect purpose of God and calls for our proper response: remember the Lord, who has always been with us and always will be with us, here, there, and everywhere. Lauren, thanks for the challenge to the soul work of spiritual neuroplasticity.”

—Dave Hughey, lead pastor of Geyer Springs First Baptist Church, friend, and husband to Cita